Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hi Justin,
Good for you. It will probably be the most frustrating/rewarding thing you have ever done.
The SBA is a really good place to start. We all like to complain about the government gettin' all up in our business, but here's an example of the government actually trying to help you and provide you with resources. Might as well use em'. Find the local office and you'll have the opportunity to work with sucessful businesspeople, who want to help you succeed.
When I started my first business we went thru the whole SBA coaching track, and it was invaluable. Basically some older retired and semi-retired businessmen and entrepreneurs who walk you thru all the things you need to do to start a business and try to help you avoid the many many pitfalls there are in doing that. They probably won't have much industry-specific advice (although they might if you get coaches who know the industry) but you'll get really good general business advice that's applicable to most any type of business. How to do a business plan, get the requisite licenses/permits, etc, do the right gov and IRS paperwork, etc. Even personal stuff, like how to set and stick to goals.
Best of luck, i wish you success.

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